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Astrology Apprenticeship
Astrology Apprenticeship
May 13, 2024, 5:00 PM

Jyotish is the science of light


It's been said that the planets are the original keepers of time, holding the energy of all that's ever been, all that is, and all that will be.  


The story that the planets tell of the flow of our lives is incredibly accurate and beautiful, but really understanding what it all means can be quite complex.   

Are you ready to take your experience of Astrology to the next level???


My intention behind the creation of this apprenticeship is to systematically teach you how to bring the incredible wisdom imbedded in the cosmos to life in a relevant way.   

This three month apprenticeship will give you the basic knowledge & tools to start your journey as a Vedic Astrologer, with the ability to give comprehensive readings to your friends, family, and clients.  

Vedic Astrology truly gives you a window into the blueprint of someone's Soul.  Allowing you to understand as a guide and a teacher the needs of your clients and students so you can offer evolutionary practices and remedies that are in precise alignment with what's written in the stars. 

Whether you're looking to become a full-time Astrologer, or just looking to add more depth to your evolutionary offerings, this apprenticeship is for you!!!


   Details of the apprenticeship:

  • We begin Monday May 6th and end Monday July 29th

  • Weekly group livestreams on Monday evenings 5-8pm pst (all sessions are recorded)

  • One-on-one private session with Angie each month

  • You'll be assigned to a study group that will meet once a week (time and day of week TBD)

  • Access to my weekly Astrology Members livestreams every Tuesday at 12pm pst 

  • Astrology software set-up and software tutorial (cost of software not included)

  • You'll learn how to create and synthesize a natal chart 

  • Education on the differences between western (tropical) astrology vs. vedic astrology (sidereal)


 Apprenticeship Investment:




The moment you took your first breath, there was an energetic snapshot taken of where each and every planet, constellation, and star cluster were aligned on the eastern horizon of the sky.  That snapshot becomes your life's unique individual blueprint, and no one else in the world will have the same blueprint as you.  That fleeting moment, that very second you were born, the day you were born, the alignment of the planets and stars begin to tell your story.  

Jyotish (Vedic Astrology) is the science of light.  We can see how the energy of the planets affect different areas of your life, as well as different time periods of your life.  It is truly a window into your Soul's journey, a very intimate understanding of your past, present, and future.  

Being a facilitator of this knowledge and wisdom is my Soul's greatest honor.  I would love to give you a reading to help you better understand your life's path, and to offer you tools to help you align to the highest aspects within yourself.  


Anand Mehrotra, the creator and Master Himalayan Yogi, has said that "Sattva" in Sanskrit,

means "those Souls longing to belong to the Truth."  If what you've read is enlivening something in your soul, book a reading with me today!

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