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Oct 02, 2023, 5:00 PM PDT
Online via Zoom
Are you ready to step into the truth of who you really are??? Meditation changed my life, maybe it will change yours!

"Let the waters settle and you will see the Moon and the stars mirrored in your own Being." 



This event is so more than just a 21 day integration, it's a way to ignite something awake inside of you, a way to begin to truly see the world through a softer lens, really tuning into the concept of time in a different way.


Here's the schedule and all that's included in the 21 Day Meditation:


  • All sessions are held via zoom as a group for 21 days, starting Monday  10/2 and ending Sunday 10/22.

  • Our first session will be Monday October 2nd from 5pm-7pm PST.  I'll be sharing the wisdom and science behind the Meditation, and teaching the group a short gentle practice.

  • I'll be live on Zoom each morning from 6:45am-7:15am PST guiding our short morning meditation.

  • You can join the live morning sessions, or I'll be sending the recording out daily for you to practice in your own time.

  • The first week will be a very gentle practice, and each week I'll add on to the meditation offering a deeper experience by the end of our 21 days together.


The benefits of the meditation are only as effective as the devotion one has to the practices.  My goal for this offering is to ingite a  fire inside your belly for illumination, a curiosity in your Soul for knowledge, and a desire for love in your heart.   My goal is that this meditation changes your life the way it's changed mine.  My goal is that you walk away from the 21 day experience feeling envlivened, feeling up-lifted, and feeling profoundly shifted.  Almost every person I know who's learned this meditation technique, and fully integrated the practice into their life, have all reported experiencing a major life-changing shift in their life.  If you've read this far, that means you're probably seeking more, maybe a softening of your experience of life, maybe more self-love, less anxiety, less fear, maybe just living a life with more ease.  On my path, I tried everything, I mean EVERYTHING, before I found this practice.   This meditation has had the greatest impact on my life over anything else I've ever experienced.  Are you ready to take the leap?  Sign up today.  No one will be turned away from these teachings.  If you're sincere and wanting the teachings, but may be financially strapped, please reach out.  I will find a way for you to have access to this sacred knowledge.



Detailed Schedule:


Opening Session Meditation Wisdom: October 2nd 5pm -7pm PST

Live Daily Practice:  October 3rd - October 22nd 6:45am-7:15am PST

Closing Week Meditation Wisdom:  October 22nd 5pm -6pm PST



Sattva Yoga is unlike any other style of yoga out there, and is rooted in the rich Vedantic and Tantric traditions of the Himalayas, and the teachings integrate radical wisdom from the Kundalini and Kriya Yoga traditions.  Creating and experiencing a deeper experience of Love, is truly the foundation underlying ALL of the Sattva teachings and wisdom.  The Sattva teachings are a practical, systematic science that creates an experience that is meant to take the practitioner on an expansive journey inward.  A journey meant to bring the body, mind, and spirit into a balanced and aligned state of equanimity, which allows the practitioner to experience a glimpse of their individual truth.  The teachings are about being fierce and fearless, while being completely vulnerable and present to bliss.    The practice feels so healing (and feels so different from any other meditation out there) because it’s actually creating a shift not only on a cellular level (changing cellular memory), but also re-wiring deep, conditioned grooves in the brain, creating neuroplasticity.  Neuroplasticity is the phenomenon when the brain creates new neural pathways, changes shape, and heals itself.  All of the elements of the meditation technique  have a specific & desired outcome of healing of all the energetic layers of the body.  


Anand Mehrotra, the creator and Master Himalayan Yogi, has said that "Sattva" in Sanskrit,

means "those Souls longing to belong to the Truth."  If what you've read is enlivening something in your soul, maybe the Sattva Himalayan meditation is for you. 

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